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Labiaplasty Newport Beach

Click here to visit the Labiaplasty gallery for larger before and after photos.

At our Newport Beach and Beverly Hills locations patients know they can trust Dr. Grover with an intimate procedure like labiaplasty. Many women notice changes in this area of the body after pregnancy. However, many patients simply are uncomfortable with labia that are too prominent. Societal changes in grooming habits for the pubic area can make us more aware regarding abnormalities in this private area of our bodies.

Click here to visit the Labiaplasty gallery for larger before and after photos.

The Procedure

Whether your prominent labia are bothersome in certain clothing, make you self-conscious during sex, or make exercise difficult or uncomfortable, Dr. Grover and his compassionate staff can assist you. Labiaplasty usually focuses on the labia minor or inner lips surrounding the vagina. However, Dr. Grover can also reduce an overly large labia majora, or the outer lips, which can become puffy or retain excess fat due to pregnancy or fluctuations in weight.

The procedure is usually performed on an out patient basis and consists of the removal of excess skin and tissue to give you a sexy, sleek appearance. Dr. Grover hides minute surgical scars in the inner aspects of the labia to prevent the telltale signs of surgery.


Dr Grover is intrinsically involved in his patient’s after care. He monitors his patient’s healing and recovery at each post procedure office visit and maintains regular communication to ensure patient confidence and comfort.

Your healing time will vary depending on the scope of your labiaplasty, however most patients can return to work after about a week. Dr. Grover recommends that strenuous activity be limited for at least a month and that the treatment area be kept clean and treated with antibiotic cream. At The Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Dr. Grover and his professional staff work together to make sure you are supported at every step in the treatment process.

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